A Candle In The Dark

I have been thinking a lot lately about candles in the dark. Don’t ask me why, but they just keep popping into my head! So I decided that it will be my next subject for my blog.

When you are in a dark room, no light whatsoever, and you light a candle, what happens? The light overtakes the darkness, right? But if you are in a bright, sunny room, and you bring a jar of dark (don’t ask me how you would do THAT!) into the room, does the dark flood into the room? Nope. The light fills the jar of dark, making it a jar of light!

Ok, let’s make a picture. Let’s say the dark room is like a dark life. There isn’t any hope, there isn’t any light. But then a candle comes, the candle could be a person, the Holy Spirit, a song, etc. That candle lights up the dark room, in this case, a dark life. The light overtakes that darkness.

Now, onto the jar of dark. In life, there will be many temptations and things of that sort. That’s what is in the jar of darkness. All those temptations and things are events that Satan is trying to make your life a room of darkness. Does that sentence even make sense? But, if you are a strong Christian, and have God on your side, Satan CAN’T get to you! He CAN’T make your life a room of darkness!

Alright, here is yet ANOTHER point of view. There are a lot of people out there in the world who have this room of darkness for a life. Because they don’t really KNOW that there can be a room full of light. They have no hope. But, we Christians know about the light. We have hope, don’t we? So, why don’t we share our hope with others?!? Why don’t we light a candle in their dark rooms? You see, someone shared their candle in our dark rooms. Someone gave us hope. That someone is JESUS. Pass it on. Share the hope. Share the candle. It made you a new person, gave you a new hope. Don’t you want other people to have that same experience?

Satan CAN give you a dreary, dark room, if you let him. But what he CAN’T give you is a bright, sunny room.

Jesus CAN give you a bright, sunny room, if you let Him. What He DOESN’T WANT you to have is a dreary, dark room.

So what kind of room will you choose?



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