A Tutorial

Well, I finally have a tutorial… Don’t ask me what the ‘sign’ I made is called, because I don’t know what I would call it. That is why I titled my post ‘A Tutorial.’ 🙂 What would you call my sign thingy that I made? An Anniversary Plaque? A Marriage Sign? Ok ok, enough rambling, Alyssa. I made this ‘sign’ for my Mom and Dad’s anniversary. And since I made it myself (I didn’t buy it!), I thought I might as well make a blog tutorial! Alright, here goes.

My finished ‘sign’ looked like this:

(Sorry, but the people-standing-there-hugging is a prop, not part of the ‘sign.’)

Ok, first things first. To start out, find a few pieces of old wood. I used the wood from our old fence. Flat planks would look best I think. Like the fence wood and such. I used 3 pieces. (The smaller plank will be used later in the project.)

Then you glue. I used ‘Gorilla Glue’ and a piece of thin paneling to hold it all together. Let it dry for at least a few hours. If your wood is kinda bowed like mine, you will need to set heavy stuff on it to weigh it down… Oh, and if you find a way to nail the pieces together, give yourself a round of applause.

Once the planks are dry, it should look kinda like this:

Then comes the harder part… Painting the words on. If you have stencils or some sort of guide for the letters, give yourself another round of applause. I just kinda used the paint-as-you-go-and-if-you-mess-up-then-oh-well theory.

Now to that smaller plank I said I would get to. I had my Dad saw it into a small, square-ish piece (mind you, I didn’t tell him what it was for…). Then I painted the sides and painted a heart on the top. Sorry, I don’t have a picture for that. Glue that in the middle of the ‘sign.’ (See the first picture for help.) And, if you think it is almost too plain-ish and you want more decoration on the ‘sign,’ like me, paint some little hearts or something all over it.

So if you followed all these instructions (which I hope were at least a little bit helpful) you should have a ‘sign’ that looks kinda like the one I made! 🙂

Happy painting!

Ciao for now,



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