I’m back (FINALLY)!

Well my wonderful blog-readers, here I am. Once again. Kind of late. Sorry if you’re disappointed by my lack of presence. Lately, I have been having a case of what they call ‘Writer’s Block.’

As some of you know, our family took a quick, unexpected trip back to our wonderful homeland of Michigan. It was very eventful, fun, exciting, and all those other words you use to describe a cool trip! 🙂

You might be wondering what all we did while we were there. Or you might not. But anyways, if you WERE wondering, you are in luck, because I–Alyssa–am here! Here are some of the memories of our trip. So…Here goes.

1. Seeing our family and friends, of course.

2. Having the wonderful opportunity to surprise everybody, which was VERY fun! 🙂

3. Surprising my Uncle with a 40th birthday party.

4. Visiting my old school and attending the 8th grade class graduation. (The 8th grade would be my old class.)

5. 4-wheeling with my cousin.

6. Babysitting 3 of ‘my’ little boys that I used to babysit when we still lived in Michigan.

7. Having countless sleepovers with my friends and cousins…Which also means staying up really late most nights. *heehee* 🙂

8. BIG ice cream cones.

9. Finding an almost-new electric guitar at a garage sale for $20.

10. Water tubing with my friend at a lake. (Falling off a tube into the water while going around 40 mph is a …hmmm, how shall I say….UNIQUE experience. 🙂

Some photo memories:    (Click on the pictures if you want to enlarge them.)

*One of ‘my’ little boys*

*Me and my crazy cousin*

*Me and 2 of my cousins*

*Ice cream and friends*

*My friend and I acting crazy*

There were many fun times there…I enjoyed pretty much every minute of it 🙂

I also finished 8th grade last Thursday. I know, it is kinda late, but hey, we just went on an unexpected two-week trip! Now, onto a summer filled with adventure! I hope.

I will try to blog regularly again…If I can find time in my very busy boring life… 🙂

Ciao peeps,


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