When Brenda Came……

Greetings once again, my faithful blog-readers! How has your last month been? Mine was eventful, I’ll tell you all about it… 🙂

July 16 (a Monday) started out like any other day. I had no suspicions of any surprises. During supper that evening, my dad went outside. I kinda wondered what he was doing, but it just so happened that we were acting really crazy and laughing a lot that evening, so someone just had another funny joke and I kinda forgot about Dad for a while.  A little while later my younger brother Alex went out there to see what my dad was doing, and came back inside jumping up and down, laughing, and running all over! I had NO idea why he was laughing and being so hyper, but my mom was laughing a lot, so I just laughed at her! I laughed so hard that water came out my nose when I tried to drink. But that is beside the point. Anyhow, I heard the front door open, so I ran out there to tell him that I laughed so hard water came out my nose. Then something stopped me right in my tracks. It wasn’t anything scary, I assure you. It was Brenda. (She is my friend from Michigan that has wanted to come down here for a while) I just said, “How did you get here?” 🙂 Turned out her dad (who delivers campers across the country) got a run out here to deliver a camper, so he brought her along to surprise me! So the story goes; how she stayed two weeks, we went shopping together, had lots of fun, how she flew home. I’ll give you a few pictures, how about that? 🙂 Enjoy! (I hope you don’t get too bored)

Brenda & I, together at the zoo 🙂

Cooking….I think

Yum! We are cooking…….Seriously!

You see? We made this 2-layer cake with chocolate icing in between the 2  layers of cake, and fluffy, white frosting on the top!

We took her downtown to the Alamo last Sunday. ‘Twas fun 🙂

We had a good time together. Shopping, baking, making a daffy supper for the family, having a ‘girl beauty party’ with some friends, and all. 🙂

Then, just after she left, I had to get a sore throat, stuffy nose, and headache! *sigh*

So how was y’all’s week? 🙂

Later folks,


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