Good Ol’ San Antonio

Greetings my wonderful friends! How are you this fine day?  I just thought I would do another blog update……This time it’s about downtown San Antonio! My family and I went downtown for Labor Day, and we had an awesome time!  So I decided to risk looking like a crazy tourist and take lots of pictures of random things down there for you, my blog readers. I ended up having TONS of pictures, so I downsized a little bit and put them into collages. Ok, so here’s what I have….. 🙂

Downtown San Antonio really is a wonderful place. Just look at the pictures.

(Click on the pictures if you want to enlarge them.)

There is the Alamo, with it’s old stonework, shady gardens, and beautiful trees.

There are trolleys and double decker tour buses all over the place. There are horses and carriages too, but I didn’t get a picture of them.

There are lots of beautiful flowers. It’s so much fun photographing them. 🙂

There is awesome food, yummy snow cones, funny lunch buddies (aka a bird), and lots of other birds and ducks. (The ducks are not shown) (And yes, as a matter of fact, I DID eat all that food) 🙂

There are stores everywhere: In the mall, out by the streets, all over!

There are awesome stores there, like Aeropostale and American Eagle (as you can see from me and my brother) 🙂 Lots of little shops all over the place….

There are entertainers, with all their music and stuff, colorful umbrellas, riverboats, tall buildings, and cool old buildings with interesting designs cut out of the stone on the buildings.

Little things inside the shops along the street, snow cones, and rental bicycles.

There are also some pretty cool places to take pictures of people 🙂 (My photo courtesy of Ashley, my sister)(And sorry, I didn’t get a picture of Austin, my other brother…)

Aaaaand…..There are some pretty crazy looking people downtown too! (Not including me and my family) 😀 I tried to sneak a picture of this guy while we were turning the corner 🙂

So that’s all the pictures I have for you for now….What did you do for Labor Day?


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