Happy Campers

How many of you like camping? I do. Very muchly. 🙂 So, as you have probably figured out by now, my family and I went camping with some good friends, I took too many pictures, and now I am putting some of them on my blog so you can get a little glimpse of our weekend. 🙂

(Click on the picture if you want to enlarge it.)

Here is just some little snippets and snapshots of flowers, a cute little bridge, scenery, and weeds.

Camping is a time to sit around the campfire and share funny stories, have church, play instruments, take naps, and just be lazy.

I thought this sunset was so pretty. My picture just doesn’t do justice, really.

From our point of view at the camp, the sun rose through the trees every morning. It was very beautiful.

I tried to get a picture of the moon and the lights from the campers, but it didn’t turn out quite right…

And I couldn’t just leave without taking some pictures of the campfire! So, here are some pictures of the lovely fire. The temperatures were perfect! Hot enough to swim in the daytime, chilly enough for a campfire in the morning and evening.

Yes, swimming most of the day Saturday made some of us very tired…I mean, who wouldn’t be tired after climbing to the top of a 40 ft. rock and a  20 ft. rock, jumping or flipping off of it into the water below, then swimming back to the rocks to do it again!?!?! (Don’t worry, I didn’t jump.) 🙂
(Sorry Tracey, I just had to put this picture on my blog…hahaha) 🙂

Oh, Karena. One of the silliest people I know. Oh, she’s so fun! We found out this weekend that we are alike in some ways. 🙂 (On the second picture we thought she looked like a box, all cuddled up in her sweatshirt)

Alex + his cousin Travis + coonskin hat + the great outdoors = Hours of fun! 🙂

Ashley + her two friends, Bryanna and Lorissa = Lots of fun!

Then came Sunday. Out came the instruments! They had lots of fun playing around with each other’s instruments. 🙂


Oh, and I can’t forget the time we went on the jet ski! I went 2 times, and they were both very thrilling 🙂 (I even got to DRIVE it! And yes, I did make it back to the shore safely.) 🙂

So, that pretty much sums up my weekend. It was so fun! 🙂 How was your weekend?



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