Moving: Our Story (The shortened version)

Wow. Sorry I haven’t written for like forever. Well, technically it wasn’t forever, but so what. I’m not quite sure what all this post will cover, but I’m planning on telling you a little bit about our move from Michigan to Texas and now back to Michigan. Sound interesting enough? I know, I know, you see the title I’ve given this post and you’re thinking, “Oh shoot, not one of those loooong posts about her life story or all her thoughts on how they moved.” Well, lemme break it to ya: If you’re thinking that right now, you’d better stop reading right here. No, I won’t tell my life story, but I will tell you about our move and a few updates on how it’s going. Okay, moving on….. (See what I did there? We’re moving…… moving on….) πŸ˜€

Okay, as most of you know already, we moved from Michigan to Texas in 2011. Wow, was it that long ago already? Anyways, we moved on June 22, 2011, with hopes of starting an outreach church here in San Antonio. Now fast-forward about a year…… The doors were closing for us; we older kids didn’t really have any other older children to hang out with down here, we were feeling a little ‘alone’ and away from church fellowship, and stuff like that. There was a family that was planning on moving down here to be with us, but that didn’t work out after all. We had been feeling like maybe God was leading us to move back to Michigan, and hearing that the family won’t be moving down here anymore just confirmed it. We were moving back to Michigan.Β Then God decided to throw in another little piece of His plan for us. The church we went to in Michigan before we moved was now having a pastor ordination. My dad ended up being one of the guys that had a possibility of being ordained. So they decided to have the ordination when we went back to visit our friends and family in Michigan for Christmas 2012. Annnnnd this is the part where my dad gets ordained as one of the pastors of that church. So yes, now I’m a pastor’s kid, but don’t think of me as any different. I’m still the same old, un-perfect, crazy me. πŸ™‚ Once we got back here to San Antonio, we put my dad’s lawn care business up for sale again and started doing a little packing. We still didn’t know for sure when we would be moving out of Texas and back to Michigan, but we figured it would be soon. After about a month, my dad’s business sold to one of our friends down here. Then we decided that our moving date would be set for March 2, 2013. So now our days are filled with trying to quickly do school and then pack, pack, and pack some more! As our mission here in San Antonio is coming to a close, we are having lots of mixed feelings about it. One day I can’t wait to move back to Michigan and get to know some of my friends again, and the next day I would rather just stay right here in Texas. When we first moved here I hated it, but the awesomeness of Texas gradually grows on you. I will definitely miss the warm weather and my cousins and friends who live about 3 hours away. All you people from Lott, it just means that y’all are gonna have to come visit us sometime in Michigan! πŸ™‚

So, we have only 11 more days in Texas, then all of y’all in Michigan are gonna have to learn to put up with us! Like I said before, there’s a lot of mixed feelings. But I can say personally that in the almost-2-years that we have lived here, I have grown closer to God and my family, I have made some pretty cool friends from Lott, I also got to know my Miller cousins better, and I have developed my love for photography and music.

We’ve had many hard, lonely times down here in San Antonio, but there has also been some pretty awesome, memorable times.

I’m not quite sure how to bring this to a close, and I don’t even know if what I wrote is making any sense to you. So I’ll just say this: I know I couldn’t have done any of this without my friends, my family, and most importantly, my amazing God. Β I’ve learned that when in doubt, just trust Him. He’s already got it all figured out. So, if you’re not sure why you’re where you are right now, just trust God. If you’re wondering why He is letting something happen that you don’t want to happen, just trust Him. Believe me, He knows what He’s doing. His way is the best way to go.





6 thoughts on “Moving: Our Story (The shortened version)

  1. Cool!!!:) I bet it’s fun packing…..not….! πŸ™‚ hehe well have fun!!! Oh btw I didn’t know that your dad is now a pastor!!!!….you better set a goood example, Alyssa!!!!!!:) haha jk…

  2. you guys are my heroes. πŸ™‚ Ya’ll have hung in there and been willing to learn through some tough, lonely times, and I know it’s not a waste at all! Excited for you as you move back and reconnect with friends and family. Praying for you!

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