The Beginning of the End (In A Way)

   Six more days. This next week is going to be a week of ‘lasts’ for us.

The last Sunday together with our small group of friends. The last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. in Texas. The last time I dust all the furniture. The last time we go Downtown. The last time we shop at H.E.B. The last time I hang up my clothes in my closet. The last time we see our aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends in Lott for a long time.

It will be hard saying goodbye to Texas. There are many memories that we’ve made here. We’ve had many good times and bad times.


The next few weeks/months to come will be filled with firsts, though. The first time we call my Grandma’s house ‘home.’ The first time I can babysit my baby cousin. The first time I drive on the road (hopefully). The first time we children will take on the role of pastor’s kids (which, like I said before, we won’t be any different!).

It’s going to be yet another adventure in the life of the Miller family. My goodness, we should write a book. 🙂

This chapter of our life is ending, and a new one is starting. It reminds me of a song that Mandisa sings, called ‘Say Goodbye.’ It says:
Say goodbye to the one that I used to be……. Hello, hello, this is where it starts now, everything can turn around in a moment; here’s your moment where you say goodbye.

We could put this into a spiritual perspective. You see, we thought we were moving to SA for good. We thought we were here to stay. But all that changed. When God is in control, anything can change. Even your life. You can say goodbye to the old, sinful you and say hello to the new, refined, purified you.


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