The Move 2013 (Part 1)

Okay, I finally got around to editing all of our almost-200 moving pictures, and I decided to share some with you. I put them into collages so you can see more of them and it won’t take up so much room in my post. Comprendo? 🙂

Ya wanna make the pictures bigger? Click on them, it might help.

(This was our house in Texas.)

The last few weeks were filled with packing, and now unpacking. The weeks included a surprise visit from our cousin, Adriana, and her dad, lots and lots of boxes, Grandma coming to help us out with packing, awesome picture opportunities, crazy duct tape messages from my dad, and lots more.


Then came all the goodbyes. We went over to our neighbor’s house one evening for supper and said goodbye to them, and two of our other neighbor girls came over the next day to say goodbye and give us a cute little teddy bear (which we then named DB). 🙂 We will miss our neighbors; they were pretty cool.


Then, before we knew it, moving day came. We quickly ate breakfast and got ready for the day, and all our helpers came. A big thank you to everyone that came to help! We carried boxes, wrapped mirrors and pictures in blankets, carried more boxes, cleaned floors and bathrooms, and carried more stuff to the moving truck. It was quite exhausting, I must say.


Then it was lunchtime and we children kinda took a little siesta. And took videos. And laughed at how crazy we looked in the video camera.


Annnnnnd just like that, they put the last piece of furniture, our last piece of the Miller house in Texas, into the moving truck and shut and locked the big door. A while later we bid our uncle and cousin farewell and sent them on their way to Michigan with the moving truck and all our treasures and belongings. (That huge truck, by the way, has a very small horn.)


We had to say goodbye to this wonderful family. They were the ones that met for church with us for over a year. We got to know each other very well; it was like we were a big family. Saying goodbye was hard. But, on the bright side, it gives us something to look forward to when we visit Texas again! 🙂


Then we drove up to Lott to stay overnight there. We had a yummy supper with our cousins, aunts, and uncles at Grandpa’s house, hung out a little with friends and cousins, and then tried to get a good night’s rest so we would be able to get up and drive all day the next day. (Notice in the bottom left picture: Ya think we look alike? We are actually cousins, not sisters. But we like to say we’re twins, even though we are a few years apart.) 🙂 Gonna miss all you Lott people. Yet another thing to look forward to when we come visit Texas, though! Oh, and don’t forget, y’all are supposed to come visit US up here too! 😀


The next morning we left. And we drove. And drove. And DROVE. There was a lot of driving, in case you didn’t know.

***Read part two for the rest…. 🙂


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