My Thankfuls

Hello once again my wonderful blog readers! Sorry I have not written for a while….. I’ve been experiencing something called writer’s block, apparently.

Today I’ve decided to write about some of my ‘thankfuls.’  Yeah, I know, lots of people are writing about what they’re thankful for and you might be getting tired of all this “I’m thankful for this….I’m thankful for that” stuff, but, hey, why not take some time and think about all the blessings God has given you!

So here is my kind of thankful list….With PICTURES!!!! 🙂


***Click on the pictures if you want to enlarge them.***


*First of all, I am thankful for my two wonderful parents. VERY thankful. I don’t know what I would do without them.

*I am thankful for my siblings. We do fight most of the time  sometimes, but we do love each other. Really.


*I am thankful for my family in general. I love remembering all the good times and adventures we have had, and I can’t imagine what adventures we’ll get into later in life!



*I am very very very very very (ok ok, enough) VERY thankful for my friends. I can’t imagine what life would be like if we had no friends….



*I am thankful for little children. Ahhh, how I love playing with little ones… Their laughter, their crazy, made-up words, their innocence…. 🙂



*I am extremely thankful for music. It’s amazing how music can make you feel sad, or happy, or make you feel like jumping 20 feet into the air… Just make sure the music is made to glorify the one and only God! 🙂


*I am thankful for God’s colorful creation. What would life be like without color? I just find it amazing how God can make everything from a small, fragile, pink flower to a giant, strong oak tree, all with his bare hands! How can we see the little miracles in creation every day and yet still say there isn’t a God that loves us, a God that cares about us?! Anyway, THAT is a blog post for another time. 🙂


*I am also thankful for animals. That kinda goes in the creation category, but, oh well… 😀


*Annnd, random as I am, I am thankful for the random little things in life. Short stop signs, yummy food, shoes, the ability to draw, bubbles, volley-ball, candy…..Yeah. Lots of little things to thank God for. 🙂

*Last but definitely not least, I am thankful for God’s never-ending love for us. Imagine this: He loves us day in and day out, from sunrise to sunset, 24/7…. I am just amazed that there is a God who actually cares about me, who actually wants to know about my problems, my needs, even just how my day went. I just want to encourage you to talk to Him, thank Him for the little things, the big things, and the in-between things in life. Even though He already loves you radically with a love that won’t ever end, He would like you to tell Him you love Him back. He desperately wants you, his beloved child, to give your life totally to Him. Have you?





A Candle In The Dark

I have been thinking a lot lately about candles in the dark. Don’t ask me why, but they just keep popping into my head! So I decided that it will be my next subject for my blog.

When you are in a dark room, no light whatsoever, and you light a candle, what happens? The light overtakes the darkness, right? But if you are in a bright, sunny room, and you bring a jar of dark (don’t ask me how you would do THAT!) into the room, does the dark flood into the room? Nope. The light fills the jar of dark, making it a jar of light!

Ok, let’s make a picture. Let’s say the dark room is like a dark life. There isn’t any hope, there isn’t any light. But then a candle comes, the candle could be a person, the Holy Spirit, a song, etc. That candle lights up the dark room, in this case, a dark life. The light overtakes that darkness.

Now, onto the jar of dark. In life, there will be many temptations and things of that sort. That’s what is in the jar of darkness. All those temptations and things are events that Satan is trying to make your life a room of darkness. Does that sentence even make sense? But, if you are a strong Christian, and have God on your side, Satan CAN’T get to you! He CAN’T make your life a room of darkness!

Alright, here is yet ANOTHER point of view. There are a lot of people out there in the world who have this room of darkness for a life. Because they don’t really KNOW that there can be a room full of light. They have no hope. But, we Christians know about the light. We have hope, don’t we? So, why don’t we share our hope with others?!? Why don’t we light a candle in their dark rooms? You see, someone shared their candle in our dark rooms. Someone gave us hope. That someone is JESUS. Pass it on. Share the hope. Share the candle. It made you a new person, gave you a new hope. Don’t you want other people to have that same experience?

Satan CAN give you a dreary, dark room, if you let him. But what he CAN’T give you is a bright, sunny room.

Jesus CAN give you a bright, sunny room, if you let Him. What He DOESN’T WANT you to have is a dreary, dark room.

So what kind of room will you choose?


All Because of a Tennis Ball

Wow, God works in mysterious ways, right?!? Well, I know that is true now! To begin my story I will tell you who I am going to be talking about. There are two girls who recently moved across the street from us. We didn’t really get to know them yet, but I do know that they are 11 and 9. I have been praying lately that I could get to know them 🙂 Ok, the story starts out like this: Our whole family decided to just sit outside last evening, hoping that maybe some of the kids we DO know would decide to come play. Me and my little brother Alex got bored and wanted to play pitch-and-catch with our baseball and gloves. Turns out that we couldn’t find the baseball ANYWHERE!!! Dad said to just use a tennis ball to play. I guess I have to tell the whole story with every detail, don’t I? Well, I have to say that I was not very happy, because tennis balls are bouncy and hard to catch in a baseball glove. But Dad told us to just try it for a while. After a few throws, I decided to use my bare hands, no glove. (I forgot to say that I was standing with my back downhill, so if I wouldn’t catch the ball, it would start to roll onto the road and down the hill.) Meanwhile, I noticed one of the girls standing outside, playing around by herself. But I am not one person that will just walk up and say “Hi, what is your name? I would like to be your friend!” So, back to our story…Well, it just so happens that Alex threw the ball a little too hard and I couldn’t catch it! So it started rolling across the road and it rolled right close to the girl. As she picked the tennis ball up and handed it to me, I was thinking, “Ok, here is my chance to tell her hi and make a friend.” (But, as I said earlier, I don’t usually do that…) 🙂 Well, all I can say is that God helped me. All of a sudden, I found myself asking her what her name was, telling her mine, and inviting her to come over and play with us! Don’t ask me why or how I did it, because I don’t know! 🙂 Once the other neighborhood kids saw that someone else was here, they started coming over too! After about 15 minutes, we had a yard full of kids! Turns out that the girl I met was Jada, and she is 9. We had a blast! They all stayed and played till dark, then Dad had to tell them to go home… One 9 year old boy, Mikey, said he is coming back tomorrow! So, apparently, they had a blast too. 🙂 And you know what, it was all because of that stupid tennis ball.